How to Use the Controls on Your Thermador Under Counter Double Drawer Refrigerator and Combo Drawer

Learning how to use the controls for your Thermador Under Counter Double Drawer Refrigerator or Combo Freezer Drawer & Refrigerator lets you enjoy a more personalized experience. In this video, we cover the controls for On/Off, Alarm, Lock, Sabbath Mode, and Temperature Setting, as well as preset modes for Bar, Fridge, Pantry, and QuickChill.

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Refrigeration FAQs and Support:

0:00 Intro
0:11 On/Off Control
0:25 Door Alarm
0:49 Control Lock
1:16 Sabbath Mode
1:59 Temp Setting C or F
2:12 Refrigerator Drawer Temperature Settings & Modes
2:30 Preset Modes, Bar, Fridge, Pantry
2:53 Bar Mode 1
3:11 Fridge Mode 2
3:30 Pantry Mode 3
4:05 Quick Chill
4:37 Upper Drawer Shelf Tip
4:53 Freezer Drawer Temperature Settings & Modes
5:09 Bar Mode 1
5:24 Fridge Mode 2
5:43 Pantry Mode 3
6:07 Quick Chill
6:36 Ice Maker

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