How to add a universal air filter to your fridge

If you’ve got a really stinky #refrigerator on your hands, we’ve got a #diy solution to your problem. This video shows you an easy-to-install air #filter that can help remove up to 7 times more odor than that box of baking soda.

PureAir air filter starter kit

Installing this air filter is easy. It comes with a filter housing, adhesive and one filter.
1. Apply the adhesive to the filter housing, and then attach it to an interior wall where air will flow through the filter.
2. To attach the air filter housing to a shelf bracket, insert the housing tab into the shelf bracket and make sure it hangs securely.
3. Tear the serrated edge and pull the window out of the air filter cartridge.
4. Write today’s date on the filter cartridge and then insert the cartridge in the housing, with the window facing the housing openings.
Once you have the kit in place, you just have to replace the air filter every 6 months or so.
PureAir 2-pack replacement filter

Take advantage of our subscription plan to automatically reorder the air filter, and you’ll always have a filter on hand.

By the way, if your refrigerator uses a water filter, you can automatically reorder that filter, too. Water filters in refrigerators also typically need replacing every 6 months.

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