The Best Washer Dryer EVER? The Ultimate GE 2-in-1-washer Dryer Combo Test & Review

I bought a $2,500 washer-dryer combo and tore it down so you didn’t have to!

The GE Ultrafast 2-in-1 I reviewed:

I purchased a GE Profile Ultrafast 2-in-1-washer Dryer Combo to test and review for my viewers. In this video, we run 2 different loads of clothes through it to test GE’s claims on wash times. Also, I take the machine down to the key components to discuss why this machine works, and what devils are in the details of what may be the fastest-selling machine in history.

Timeline of Video:

00:00 – Introduction
01:29 – Wash & Dry Test
03:46 – Results of Wash & Dry Test
06:18 – Teardown of the GE 2-in-1 Washer Dryer Combo
06:57 – The Benefits of the GE Heat Pump Design
09:02 – The Drawbacks of the GE Heat Pump Design
10:32 – One RADICALLY GREAT thing about this Unit
12:39 – Re-Assembly and Test #2
13:34 – GE SmartHQ Features and Failures
15:09 – 18lb Test Results & Drum Temperature
16:20 – Opinion: Is This Unit Worth It?

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