How to Clean the Vinyl Siding on Your House

This #diy video shows how to #clean vinyl #siding on your home.

Vinyl siding is generally long lasting, durable and easy to care for.

Even though siding is a low-maintenance, low-cost option for your home, it still requires a small amount of routine care and cleaning.

Discover a few basic things you can do to clean your vinyl siding to keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Sears Home Services provides tips on what soap to use and how to get your siding clean. Find out how to keep your vinyl siding beautiful today!

Give your siding a scrub-down once a year.

1. Cover plants with a tarp.
2. Use a cloth or brush with soft bristles.
3. WARNING: Pressure washing could void your warranty!
4. Use a mild soap.
5. For stains, choose a heavy-duty cleaner. Rinse with a hose.
6. Keep your siding in top shape!

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