How to fix a mower with a stuck pull cord after tipping it over

This #diy video shows how your can #fix your lawn #mower if you can’t pull the starter rope after tipping the lawn mower over. Tipping the mower over can fill the cylinder with oil and lock up the engine.

If you can’t pull the starter rope on your walk-behind mower after tipping it over, the engine could be hydrolocked. This can happen if you tip the mower the wrong way and oil flows into the engine cylinder, keeping the piston from moving.

Don’t worry—we can help you fix it.
1. Pull off the spark plug wire and move it out of the way then remove the spark plug.
2. Pull the starter rope several times to clear oil out of the cylinder. You’ll see oil spray out of the spark plug hole.
3. Wipe off the oil and reinstall the spark plug. Then connect the spark plug wire.
4. Pull the starter rope to start the engine.
You’ll see a lot of white smoke as the engine burns off the oil inside the cylinder. Once the engine burns off the oil, the mower should run smoothly.

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