How to wash your dryer’s lint screen

We have a great #diy tip for helping your #dryer work better if you use dryer softener sheets. Washing the screen regularly can help your dryer run its best and #save energy.

You’ll want to do this every few months, or when you notice it takes longer for clothes to dry.

First, remove all the lint from the screen. You probably can’t see the fabric softener deposits that build up on the screen.

Before you shove that lint screen back into the dryer, check to see if water easily flows through the screen holes. If not, then you’ll definitely want to wash the lint screen.

To remove residue from fabric softener, run warm water over the lint screen while wiping with a soft-bristled brush. Some owner’s manuals also recommend using detergent or vinegar to help clean deposits off the lint screen.

Let the lint screen air dry completely before reinstalling it in the dryer.

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