What You Need to Know about Fisher & Paykel Appliances: New products and Trends

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In this video, Fisher & Paykel’s Vice President of Product Management, Jennifer Bradley, discusses their new combination steam ovens, triple zone refrigerators, and modular induction cooktops during the Luxury Brand Summit.

Healthy living and eco-friendliness are on the rise and Fisher & Paykel offers new options to help preserve food for longer, incorporate steam into your cooking, and create better air quality in your home through the use of induction.

We’re proud to partner with Fisher & Paykel to bring you this exciting new product information direct from the source. So if you want to upgrade your kitchen with unique and innovative appliances, consider Fisher & Paykel.


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0:00 Intro
0:19 Fisher & Paykel
1:01 Consumers Are Changing
1:11 Combination Steam Cooking
1:28 Series 11 Combination Steam Oven
1:55 New Triple Zone Refrigeration
3:07 Series 11 Cooktop Platform
3:44 Live Questions Answered
3:57 Will you share resources with Monogram and Cafe?
4:20 New Integrated Drop Door Dishwasher
4:49 How does Fisher & Paykel compete against larger brands?
5:27 How does the gas ban affect your product portfolio?
6:00 Will Fisher & Paykel introduce a 48-Inch range?
6:19 What percentage of your sales are color?
7:02 Will Fisher & Paykel introduce smart features to their appliances?
8:08 What is the trend/megatrend that will be important to customers this year?

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