Samsung Refrigerator Problems – Solving the Leaking, Noisy, Icing, and No Cooling Issues in One Fix

Samsung Refrigerators are the most notorious refrigerators on the US market – maybe the world. Despite their high prices, they’ve caused problems for techs and homeowners alike with problems involving the refrigerator cabinet.

Sometimes it leaks water in the crisper drawers, other times it makes an awful noise. Other times it will ice up and not cool. But ironically, all of these problems tend to come from one area of the refrigerator, and this one system of fixes has a radically high rate to solve everything in one repair.

The Kit I Used:

If you want to DIY your own kit (which may be more expensive than the one we build and sell), you’d want the following items:

Supco SH502 Heater:
High-Temp 185*F Cable Ties:
16-18 AWG Posi-Taps:

Moisture Kit:


00:00 – Introduction & Explanation of Problems
01:20 – How to Remove the Shelves of a Samsung Refrigerator
02:00 – Removing the Evaporator Panel & Thawing if Frozen Shut
03:22 – How to Put a Samsung Refrigerator in Forced Defrost Mode
05:34 – Inspecting the Samsung Evaporator Coils & Removing Panel
06:10 – Inspecting and Repairing the Evap Panel
07:28 – Dealing with the Drain Pan Being Clogged causing water leakage
08:57 – Installing Foil Tape in Drain Pan and Removing Old Drain Clip
10:18 – Installing Upgraded Drain Clip DA61-06796A
11:03 – Installing a Second Heater to Remoive Ice from Fan & Cabinet
12:30 – Repacing & Testing Defrost Sensor
14:14 – Inspecting Wire Harnesses for Oxidation
15:05 – Installing Secondary Heater Power
18:40 – Testing the Secondary Heater
20:30 – Cleaning Condenser Coils & Installing Samsung Drain Tube DA82-01415A
22:20 – Re-Installing Evaporator Panel and Shelves

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