Should You Still Buy The LG WashTower in 2023?

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Looking for the most revolutionary washer and dryer out there? The LG WashTower is a great alternative to stacking a front-load washer and dryer. But, is it still worth buying now, years later?

In this video, we explore all the best features of this incredible product, as well as its drawbacks. We compare the LG WashTower to other one and two-piece stacks, taking reliability into account. Our service department logged well over 30,000 service calls last year alone, so you know you’re getting accurate information. We’ll also share some problems with the LG WashTower so you know if the LG WashTower is right for you.


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Model Featured:

LG WashTower –



0:00 Intro
0:40 Specifications
1:33 Reliability
2:05 WashTower Models
3:14 AI DD and WiFi
4:14 Cycles
4:41 Price Comparison
5:11 Missing Features
6:30 Delivery Issues
6:53 Competition
7:44 Why It’s Not For You
8:03 Bonus Tip!
8:38 Key Takeaways

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