How to use Diagnostic Mode & find Error Codes, along with Troubleshooting Techniques

This video shows you how to use Diagnostic Mode on a *DLG7151W LG Gas Dryer*

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Common parts for this appliance : 5231EL1001C , 4581EL2002H, 3550EL2004B, 6323EL2001B, 4560EL3001A, 383EEL3002D, 4026EL3007C, 5835EL1002A, 4036EL3001A, 6931EL3003C, MEK37661701

Other model numbers include: WT7400CV, WT7000CW, WM3600HVA, WM4000HBA, WD100CB, WT7150CW, WM3400CW, WT7900HBAWM3400CW, WT7150CW, WT7400CW, WT7900HBA, WM4000HBA,WT7005CW, WM4200HWA, WT7400CV, WM8900HBA, WM1455HWA
WM4000HWA , WM3998HBA , WM6700HBA ,WKEX200HBA ,WD205CK, DLE3400W, DKE100HVA
WM9500HKA , DLG3401W, DLGX4001B, DLGX4201B, ELFG7537AT, DLG7001W, WM3400CW, DLG3601V

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