Samsung Dryer Repair: Dryer Won’t Turn On, Just Makes a Brief Hum – Easy Fix

Welcome to my latest appliance repair vlog where I will show you how to fix a Samsung dryer that will turn on, but the drum won’t turn. It produces only a brief hum when the start button is pressed. This is a common issue that many homeowners face, and I will walk you through the troubleshooting steps to fix it.

In this video, I will guide you through the process of disassembling the dryer to diagnose the issue. We will cover everything from checking the power supply and door switch to inspecting the belt and vent. I will show you how to identify the problem and what steps to take to fix it.

As we go through the repair process, I will provide helpful tips and tricks to make the repair as easy as possible. I will also highlight the tools you will need and any safety precautions to keep in mind while working on your dryer.

After careful inspection, I will reveal the cause of the dryer not turning. It turns out that a t-shirt had become stuck in the blower wheel, preventing the drum from turning. I will show you how to remove the obstruction and get your dryer up and running again in no time.

So, whether you’re a homeowner looking to fix your Samsung dryer or simply interested in learning more about appliance repair, this video is perfect for you. Watch along as I share my knowledge and expertise to help you diagnose and repair your dryer quickly and easily.

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Samsung dryer model: DV42H5200EP/ A3

In this vlog-style video, I will not only show you how to repair a Samsung dryer that turns on, but the drum won’t turn, but also give you an inside look into the life of an appliance repair technician. You’ll get to see what it’s like to be an expert in the field, as I take you through a typical day on the job and share some of the challenges and rewards of this career.

As we go through the process of repairing the Samsung dryer, I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years to help make the job easier and more efficient. I’ll also be explaining the various components of the dryer, how they work together, and what to look for when diagnosing the issue.

For those interested in becoming an appliance repair technician, this video is a great resource. I’ll be sharing some of the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this field, as well as some advice on how to get started. Whether you’re interested in appliance repair as a career or just want to learn more about how to fix your own appliances, this video has something for everyone.

So, join me on this vlog-style adventure as we repair a Samsung dryer and explore the world of appliance repair. With this step-by-step guide and behind-the-scenes look at the life of an appliance repair technician, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert in no time!

Samsung Dryer Model DV42H5200EP/A3
model DV42H5200EP/A3
Samsung model # DV42H5200EP/A3
model number DV42H5200EP/A3

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