Using the Controls on Your Thermador Professional Collection Built-in Wall Oven

The Thermador Professional Collection Built-in Wall Oven is controlled with a combination of user touchscreen and two bold, tactile knobs. The knob on the left selects your Cooking Modes while the knob on the right sets the temperature. Explore the basic controls including the Info Button, Activating Your Cooking Mode, Fast Preheat, Timers, Oven Light, and Panel Lock. Learn how to adjust settings such as Clock Display, Volume, Display Brightness, and Sabbath Mode.

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0:00 Introduction
0:20 Professional Oven
0:31 Using the Oven
0:55 Info Button
1:31 Setting Temperature
1:56 Fast Preheat
2:30 Timers (Kitchen, Oven & End At Timers)
3:37 Settings
4:16 Sabbath Mode
4:22 Additional Controls

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