How to Fix a Shaking Frontload Samsung Washer – UR, UB, DC Code Solutions

If you have a Samsung frontload washing machine that won’t spin out, bounces around, or makes a lot of noise during the wash, this video will show you 9 tests or areas that could be causing the machine issues.

Your Samsung washer could show codes like the Samsung UR code, the Samsung UB code, the Samsung 4E code, or the Samsung DC code among others, all of which prevent the washing machine from fully spin-drying your clothes.

Timeline of Video:

Introduction: 00:00
How to Level Your Washer: 00:58
Investigating Suspension Springs: 01:49
Counterbalance and Weight System: 02:29
Testing Your Spider Bracket / Spider Arm: 03:06
Checking for Shipping Bolts: 04:39
Inspecting Shock Absorbers / Suspension System: 05:33
Remove & Test Rotor/Stator Assembly: 06:45
Bearing Test: 07:53
PCB System / VRT System Information 08:31

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