Testing 8 Things You NEVER Want to Put in a Microwave!

What happens when you put something in the Microwave that your parents told you that you should not? I bought 8 things to test, which then expanded into a bit more than 8 for this initial round of testing to see what would happen. Some were shocking, some went OK without issue for the period of time we put them in the microwave. I don’t suggest trying any of these things out, because clearly the microwave is in bad shape even after the very first test, but still worked.


Intro: 00:10
2 Eggs for 60 Seconds: 00:56
Grapes for 60 Seconds: 02:19
Hot Peppers for 120 Seconds: 03:36
Foil-Wrapped Sandwich for 30 Seconds: 04:57
Can of Soda Pop for 120 Seconds: 07:41
Grapes #2 (test if MW still heats): 09:01
Toilet Paper for 60 Seconds: 10:03
Hand Soap Bottle for 60 Seconds: 11:05
CD for 60 Seconds: 12:08
Frozen Glass Dish for 180 Seconds: 13:34
Water in a Cup for 240 Seconds: 15:04
Nothing At All for 180 Seconds: 17:35
Grapes #3 (to test if MW still heats) for 60 seconds: 18:44
Outro: 19:21

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